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How To Set MP3 File As A Ringtone On An Android & iPhone?

Want to set an MP3 file as your ringtone on an Android & iPhone? Follow this step-by-step guide, and you can put any MP3 file you want as a ringtone on your Android or iPhone in no time. Let's get started!

Set MP3 File As A Ringtone In Android

You'll need to follow these steps to set an MP3 file as a ringtone in Android.

Step 01: Select your favorite music

You can use any music that is stored on the device for this process. You don't have to download it from somewhere else if it is already on the phone or tablet, and many people find that this is a good way of keeping things organized.

Step 02: Open File Manager.

Navigate to the launcher's menu and select "File Manager" to open the file manager.

Step 03: Activate the folder labeled "Media."

Within the memory of the phone, there will be a folder that is titled "Media." Open it.

Step 04: Make a brand new folder.

Inside the folder labeled "Media," you should make a new folder and give it the name "Audio." If the folder already exists, there is no need to create a new one because it can be used instead.

Step 05: Create a new subfolder in the folder.

After this, create new subfolders within the "Audio" folder that you just created. You are free to give these subfolders any name you like, according to whatever best suits your needs. For example, make a new subdirectory and label it "Ringtones." Then, add all of the audio files that you wish to utilize as a ringtone for incoming calls to this new folder.

Step 06: The MP3 files should be placed in the Subfolder.

After that, all you need to do is cut, copy, and paste the MP3 file into the appropriate folder (in this case, the folder labeled "Ringtones").

Step 07: Make the MP3 file your phone's ringtone.

● Click on the Settings menu.

● Click the Sounds and Display buttons. Once you navigate that location, the MP3 file you copied and pasted will appear in your list of available ringtones for you to select.

Set MP3 File As A Ringtone On iPhone

Create iPhone ringtones from Mac or PC MP3 files and send them to your phone. iTunes can convert an MP3 into an iPhone ringtone. Each phase requires attention and precision, although the method is not overly time-consuming.

Step 01: Open iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer, whether it's a Mac or a Windows one. Because you will be working with an MP3 song stored on your own hard drive, it is not essential to connect to your account on the iTunes Store to create a ringtone for your phone.

Step 02: Upload the MP3 to Apple's iTunes.

If you're using iTunes, add your MP3 to your library. Under "File," select "Add to Library..." To import an MP3 file into iTunes, use the Open File dialog box to find the file, then click "Open."

Step 03: Trim

Inside the iTunes' "Library," there is a section called "Songs." iTunes displays the file's actions and properties when you right-click it in the music list. To customize a song, click "Options" under "Song Info."

Mark start and stop times. If you merely want a fragment of a song as your ringtone, listen to the MP3 file to determine where the excerpt begins and stops. Then set the file's start time. You can set the ringtone's stop time. After specifying start and finish times, click "OK."

Step 04: Convert

From the main menu, select "File." Click to convert. The menu drops down. "Create AAC Version" When you add music to iTunes, it creates two files: one in MP3 format and another in Apple's AAC format. "Song Info" then "Options" for your MP3 file. Click "OK" to prevent iTunes from playing simply a snippet of the music.

Step 05: Renaming

Right-click the new file in iTunes and choose "Show in Finder." "Show in Windows Explorer" is the Windows equivalent. Change the file extension from.m4a to.m4r. Keep Finder/Explorer open.

Step 06: Connect your iPhone

USB cable iPhone to the computer. iTunes should list iPhone under "Devices." Under the iPhone, you should notice a bell for ringtones. Open custom ringtones by clicking the bell symbol.

Step 07: Make a duplicate of the file

Choose your file in the Finder/Explorer window, and then drop it into the ringtones window. The file will be available in the "Tones" section of your iTunes library, from where it may be easily transferred to your iPhone.

Step 08: Make sure the ringtone checks out

You need to open the "Settings" app on your iPhone. Select "Sounds" from the menu that appears. Choose "Ringtone" from the list of "Sounds" at the bottom of the screen. Go to the very top of the ringtones list. Hopefully, the new ringtone you made will be visible.